The Conglomerates

The Big Conglomerate is a conglomeration of various smaller blogs with each and every one specializing in a certain theme. If you click in the categories below you can find diverse subjects like: computers and internet, photography, web-design, permaculture and farming, bee-keeping, good-life, early retirement, simple life, travelling, literature, the movies, philosophy and other stuff necessary to keep us alive and kicking in times of turmoil or otherwise.


In this blog you can expect to find stories about computers, the software hypes, oldies but goodies, hints & tips, thoughts about where all this crazy software stuff is going and other stories of ordinary tech lunacy.

Free spirit

This blog is dedicated to travelling in order to report my paths of conduct, my paths in life, either these are travelling or spiritual or any other paths available to us humans.

The arts


My latest creations in the Web

Full-live links to my latest efforts in web designing and web development, which resulted in these websites, which I really enjoyed creating.

Greece by cycle

A couple living in Greece, passionate with bicycles, wanted to create beautiful cycling tours in order to discover and share the hidden beauties of Greece and the broader Balkan peninsula. This website, will help their cause further, by providing information and promoting these spectacular bicycle tours. 

Live website
Simple Life Hunting

This is a blog of a family that decided to live closer to nature and by escaping the big urban centers, attempted to simplify their lives. This blog was created in order to report and share this attempt.

Live website

The Al-Terra project was devised by a man, who went to live with his family, up on the mountains of Northern Greece. Via his web-site, he would like to promote this new decentralised paradigm of living, towards a more self-sufficient living, outside the major urban centers.

Live website