Monthly Archive: April 2017


All quiet at the east front

  The world has settled. Local jihads at the borders of Kyrgyzstan – Uzbekistan. Continuous guerrilla warfare in Chechnya. Taliban can not tolerate any Christian or anyone who is talking about Christianity. Music, cinema, internet is forbidden, because they introduce new non-Islamic demons. Corporate and governmental political warfare for the Caspian oil. The world has settled. Central Asia not. Between the...


Reportage in the mist – a travelling version

It begins like that: “All I wanted was a mission”,  or with my version: “I wanted to write a reportage”.  For what? A mission doing what? “All I wanted was a mission”. Dangerous load? Waste load? Rather just load. You must unload. Sucks. You have to unload. With whatever means you have. Whatever it takes. Like a good dad. Whatever...